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Why is it worth to implement paysafecard payments?

You are considering implementing paysafecard payments for your business. You do not know, what benefits do you get from working with that service? We will tell you what are the advantages of this online payment system and why you should offer it to your customers.

Target group

Your business stay focused on a specific target audience. Precisely defined distinctions allow you to satisfy needs of your audience. We are sure that you  know how to meet the expectations of your customers. paysafecard can help you engage people.

Anonymous Online Payment

Now you can pay for everything online. Your customers will be able to make anonymous payments online thanks to paysafecard. The functioning of this metod is very simple and the system is well known among many recipients.
A paysafecard can be purchased at a variety of stores, post offices or newsagents. When making a payment, your customer does not have to provide their personal data.
Anonymous online payment allow recipients not to disclose their identity. Your business is only gaining on that.

Safety online payments

Anonymous payment through paysafecard provides the overall safety. Your customer buy the card in the store and then use it when making a payment. paysafecard guarantees you the highest quality service. This portal is just already well-known, making your business credibility. You get double benefits - your business gains new customers, and at the same time your business trust raises.

Instead of a payment SMS


Paysafecard displace old and too expensive payment methods. One of them is SMS payment. The high cost of SMS can discourage customers, although it is a convenient option e.g. for people who do not have bank accounts. Retrievied commissions are too high comparing to other metods of payment. Thanks to paysafecard recognition, your profits will increase and your customers are more satisfied. You will gain new customers who do not want to pay high commissions for using SMS payments.

For players ...

Are you still wondering if your customers would like the anonymous online payment methods? In recent years it is more and more popular. It is especially liked by the players, who pays in that form for the game, the codes or the game currency. The development of the gaming industry is undoubtedly a fact. More and more people are expecting to use paysafecard online payments.

... and all who want to stay anonymous

Follow the trends in the industry and offer great solutions for your customers. If your business is directed to someone who wants to be anonymous for some reason, online payments through paysafecard would be great solution for you. Remember that more and more people use paysafecard as a new form of payment. If you are considering being paysfecard partner, pay attention to profits that provide payment systems to your audience.