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Cooperation with Paysafecard

6 advantages of cooperation with Paymenterio

Would you like to make your business increase? Would you like to provide a convenient way of payment  for your customers? You must know what is a paysafecard. Cooperation with the service is efficient, but it is long-term process. We will tell you how to accelerate it.

Just sign up for Paymenterio and become a partner of paysafecard. We will take care of the procedures and you are enjoy with the results.

See the benefits of using Paymenterio:

Lowest commission rates

Our offer provides greater profits for your business. In Paymenterio you will get a better offer than paysafecard suggests. The contract is individually adjusted for your business. If you need to get more information about it, please email us.

Quick integration

It takes only 2 working days to make your business a partner of paysafecard. You know what is a paysafecard and you also need to know that register in partner programme is long-term process. When you use Paymenterio, it takes only 2 working days. Take a look at all the details of the paysafecard integration process.

Your logo on the paysafecard website

Collaboration with the service gives you many benefits. As a result, you become more credible and gain more customers thanks to paysafecard. It gives you the opportunity to promote yourself thanks to the cooperation with the company which has undisputed competence.

Marketing campaigns with paysafecard

Registration through our portal opens new possibilities for your company. Paymenterio gives you the opportunity to find new business partners. Your business can establish cooperation a lot of companies connected with e.g. gaming market

Payment gateway not signed by Paymenterio

You could be sure that your customers will not be afraid of payment on your site. The payment gateway will not have any additional markings. Your customers will not get information about your cooperation with Paymenterio. On your site will appear only information about paysafecard payment.

Official paysafecard partnership

Registering on Paymenterio will bring many benefits to your business. You will become a paysafecard partner and get benefits from that popular online payment service.

Using the service will bring many benefits to your business. At the same time, it will allow your customers to make fast, anonymous payments. Learn more about the benefits of paysafecard...