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Technical integration

Technical integration of paysafecard in 4 steps

Wondering how really proceeds integration of paysafecard is Paymentario? It's really easy. We are introducing you to the entire process. Find out what is paysafecard and how you can make technical integration of paysafecard.

Make the decision to cooperate with paysafecard takes only one moment. Process of technical integration will also not take long thanks to Paymenterio. All you have to do is to report to the site and we will take care of the rest. Here is how looks our paysafecard integration works in four steps.

1. We report the company
We have to set up your paysafecard account. Thanks to the cooperation agreement with Paymenterio, verification takes very little time, only to 1 working day.

2. We transfer the contract

The process takes place online. We look forward to a contract with a company. From that point you are the official paysafecard partner.

Transferring contract online simplifies the process and takes literally a while.

3. Integration files

We send integration files to you. It will allows you to finish configuration of paysafecard. When you have completed your installation and technical integration has been successful -  you can see changes on your website.

4. We test how it works

After installation, we have to control working of the payment system. After that test we are still at your service.

Just do the paysafecard integration and see all benefits for your business. We do procedures and you see the advantages of a new type of payment. If you would like to give your customers the best system of payment, cooperation with paysafecard could be excellent solution. If you would like to know more advantages to cooperate with Paymentario, let’s read our article…